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Gurupushya Amrut Puja at my USA home.

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Email your Questions for immediate response-

Dear Bhakts, I have been unable to reply to your urgent questions in the comments section immediately because I do not get a notification for a new comment on the blog post. So, if you have an urgent question or query that you want me to answer regarding your travel plans to Shegaon or regarding the city, darshan timings, Mahaprasad, Anand Sagar or anything related to your trip - please email me at I will reply to your email as soon as possible. It will be much quicker and efficient. May Maharaj bless you. Jai Gajanan. Pranaav. ( Note: Double 'a' in the Pranaav spelling.

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Handy information- Destination Shegaon! Travelogue!

Updated April 2013 Dear Bhakts......
This post will be an advice and the final decision is always yours but trust me if you follow all my instructions blindly it will reap you great benefits! (Note: Bhakti, Travel, Darshan are all subjective and you can tweak a little bit here and there- but this is how I do and for credibility purposes you can trust me- My Mamma and Maushi have been travelling to Shegaon since they were 10 years old which was in 1977. So it is my effort to put in all that we know for you and your efficiency and convenience at Shegaon.

1. Travel by Train-- it is convenient and effective, Sansthan buses, Tonga Rickshaws Or normal Rickshaws are available 24/7. Even If you don't manage to get any of these three (which will never happen) you can walk to the Bhakta Nivas. Sansthan Buses are absolutely FREE but you have to wait untill the bus in full (so not advisable in the morning because we need to rush on the (Abhishek hours), Tonga Rickshaws cost about 10/- to 12/- and Normal rickshaws 20/-. (Note: The rates mentioned here are liberal you can negotiate-- try and do that.)

2. Trains from Mumbai and Pune (Pune-Nagpur Express, Azad Hind Express, Howrah Mail, Sewagram Express, and Vidharba Express) usually all (except Maharashtra and Geetanjali Express) reach in the early morning wee hours at Shegaon which is an advantage for reaching on time for Kakad aarti and Abhishek.

3. Try going on an odd day such as Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday when you will find less rush at Shegaon and can take the darshan peacefully.

4. DO NOT pay attention I repeat DO NOT to the men outside the main gate of the Bhakta Nivas; they will try and convince you of lodging outside of Bhakta Nivas- NEVER try to, always check with the Bhakta Nivas (all the money goes to the Sanstha and is a great way to help) plus subisidised rates and cleanliness at its best. Rates are EXHORBITANT in the hotels outside Bhakta Nivas!

5. As money is not the top priority for the Sansthan- rates are subsidized (e.g. Mineral Water 8/-) at the Bhakta Nivas with good facilities and cleanliness the top priority; you will find large coolers in the rooms, big clean restrooms and clean, crisp linen on double beds. They are well equipped and a great way to have a peace of mind. (Note: You will have to pay a deposit of 500/- (which may have changed now) at the counter while booking a room, prefer bhakta nivas 5 always - it is the best of the lot; Rates differ accordingly)

6. Hotels outside as said earlier are too expensive with an Air Conditioning Facility which you don't need if you have a 7 ft cooler, small, congested rooms a TV set and a Bathroom with attached toilet. Rates vary from 700/- to 1800/- (increased on business days and as per their convenience).

7. Rush to the temple as soon as you get done with your bath and chores in the morning - be quick and do not be lazy! Do not waste time- reach the temple as early as possible and the first thing you must do is have a receipt printed of 51/-, 101/- or 151/- at the DENGI counter inside the temple for your Abhishek. (Note: The Abhishek timings are 5:30 to 7:30 in the morning and so you have to hurry. DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO THE PUJARI THERE HE IS BEEN PAID BY THE SANSTHA AND WE DO NOT NEED TO SPLURGE AT THE WRONG PLACE, IT IS VIOLATING THE RULES OF THE SANSTHA.)

8. After having the abhishek done of maharaj’s paduka you may take the darshan, usually there is no rush in the morning except for Thursdays and Sundays you may go straight in the Gabara if there are limited number of devotees.

9. Be calm and do not rush! You are in Maharaj’s safe hands, no need to worry you are in your life’s happiest, joyful and complete moment- Enjoy the experience and thank maharaj! The devotion, the fragrance of the flowers, the gana gana ganaat bote japp, ghoshna are out of this world! Note:(You can bring home-cooked modaks (fried), Chitale's Pedhe, or any Prasad for Maharaj, Mamma usually takes modaks which Maharaj loves- the pujari will keep it on Maharaj's padukas and give it back to you) I have seen people cry in front of maharaj (Happy Tears probably)!!!
10. After you are done with the darshan and you head out you will be guided to the Ram Temple and then Hanuman temple and then out. (Note: Remember to taste and apply the ANGARA near the Hanuman Temple! I did not see it there the last time I visited, you can have the anagara where the dhuni is next to the Gadi.)

11. You may start your Pradakshinas if you want now……

12. After Pradkshinas (atleast 5) if possible you may go to the dengi counter and donate money for ANNADAN, IMARAT NIDHI, ANAND SAGAR, etc….. (Prefer Annadan)

13. By now it would be 10:30 or so be ready for the AARTI the elephants would be on their way…. The aarti goes on for about half and hour…. You can observe all the swayamsevaks, dengi counter officials and all of the temple staff bowing to maharaj after the aarti.

14. The Mahaprasad begins after the Aarti, there is a different queue for the mahaprasad and usually takes ½ hour in the queue depending on the rush, I request all of you reading this-- (PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THE MAHAPRASAD AND HAVE LUNCH OUTSIDE- NOT ADVISABLE) there is a different taste, a different delicacy in the food maharaj has had- you will be full after you have had the Mahaprasad, so you may rest now (you will start feeling the heat of sheagon by now( the temperature rises by this time).

15. The keys of the Bhakta nivas room will be with you, you may submit it at the counter if you wish either or whichever you are comfortable with and take a peaceful nap at the room for about an hour.

16. Very IMPORTANT: If you are planning to stay overnight then after your nap is over and have had a cup of tea at the restaurant on the ground floor of Bhakta Nivas 5 you may visit ANAND SAGAR!!!

17. If you are planning to leave Shegaon at about 4 the same day ( as I usually do, lots of time and convenient if you go regularly to shegaon) there are trains available 4:40 is Maharashtra Express, 17:55 AZAD HIND EXPRESS, Howrah Mail at 19:20….(re-check with for the timings and more trains.

18. Plan your journey--- tickets are usually available for this route but still check with various sites available.

19. Devotees who are staying overnight may visit Anand Sagar (Sansthan Buses Free Rickshaw 30/-) in the Evening where you will spend time in a jiffy! (If you have paid for annadan at the Mandir and have a receipt with you - take it along to Anand Sagar - you have a free entry ! (IT IS HUGEEEEE so plan out)

20. Better Plan and go you cannot just take a Sneak Peak at ANAND SAGAR it will need a day for you to travel all along….(don’t miss the toy train, aquarium, dhyan sadan there)

21. You may have your dinner at Anand Sagar's cafeteria or come back to Bhakta nivas again and walk in a decent restaurant oustide Bhakta Nivas enroute towards Mandir named as "Snehanjali!" (Good food-- mainly south Indian and Punjabi etc. (City-visitors will like it!)

22. Rest at Night……

23. In the morning take a cup of tea at the temple--- It has been a ritual for my mamma to have a cup of tea at KOTHALE's TEA for the last 35 years so I can say it is excellent quality. There is a famous Kachori shop next to it inside the temple - "Annapurna's " - have that and proceed to the Mandir for darshan. (Repeat the above instructions again if you like- you will never get bored, also there are shops opposite Kothale's and Annapurna which have accessories etc of Maharaj)If you are planning to buy a pothi or a Gajanan Maharaj photo buy it from Sansthan's outlet next to where cocunut is broken in two pieces.

24. There are Tonga rickshaws available outside the temple's main gate, you may fix a Tonga Rickshaw and go around in Shegaon there are 5 points which the Tonga Rickshwavala will show… Pragat STHAN, BANKAT SADAN, Mote Mandir, hanuman Mandir!!! 51/- rupees at the most(you can be generous here to the tonga rickshavala- he puts in his effort to carry you)!

This is a sincere effort in helping the Bhakts of my beloved Maharaj to Travel to Shegaon! I hope your journey is comfortable and may maharaj bless you with all that you need.
May Maharaj give me strength to write more! Note: If you find this useful - please leave a comment at the end! There isn't much satisfaction than to read a comment of how this information was useful to you.
Jai gajanan!!
Gana Gana Ganat Bote…..!!!
Pranaav For an efficient and quicker way to get your queries or questions answered regarding your travel plans to Shegaon - email me at

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Maharaj in Guinness Book of world records????....

On the auspicious day of GURUPUSHYAMRUT, there was a parayan organized; at the large open space area in front of the samadhi in shegaon, There were nearly 75000 Bhakts who did the parayan and it is on the verge of entering the Guinness World Records...
May Maharaj guide it and let it be a successful one...
Gana Gana Ganaat Bote!!!

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We always want to share our happiness with maharaj and always think of giving some amount of money to the sanstha for useful purposes..... but there are a lot of difficulties in sending them...
Here are some methods of going about it:-
1. You can send money orders to: THE TRUSTEE


SHEGAON - 444203



Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon

PS: Dont forget to write your name and address behind your check!!!
Gana Gana Ganat botey!!!
Jai gajanan!

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Gajanan Maharaj ( Copyrights with WIKIPEDIA)

Gajanan Maharaj from Shegaon (Buldhana District), Maharashtra, India is regarded by Hindus as a saint. A temple in his name is built on his Samadhi at Shegaon. "Sant Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan" is the largest temple trust in the Vidarbha region.
The early life history of Gajanan Maharaj is obscure, his birthdate being unknown. Biruduraju Ramaraju has tried to establish in his collection of books called "Andhra Yogulu" that he was a Telugu Brahmin. Some speculate that he might have in fact hailed from Sajjanghad, (which was the place where Sant Samartha Ramdas had lived). Das Ganu Maharaj has written a 21 chapter biography, "Shri Gajanan Vijay," of Gajanan Maharaj in Marathi. Contemporaries of Gajanan Maharaj identified him by several names like Gin Gine Buwa, Ganpat Buwa, and Awaliya Baba.
According to a legend, a money lender named Bankat Lal Agarwal first saw Gajanan Maharaj in a "superconscious state" on February 23, 1878 on a street. Sensing him to be a saint, Bankat took him home and asked him to stay with him. Legends say that in his lifetime, he performed many miracles such as giving a fresh lease on life to one Janrao Deshmukh, lighting the clay-pipe without fire, filling a dry well with water, drawing sugar cane juice by twisting canes with his hands, and curing leprosy of a woman. He took samadhi on 8 September, 1910.
Gajanan Maharaj looked upon all religions with equality. He propounded "Advaita Tattva" through his conduct and teachings.

Experience By Swamyji......(Posted with the consent of the writer)


Due to the blessings of Lord Sri Ganesh , Sri Gajanan Maharaj and all of you I came here to “Japan” when the nature was at its very best and the Spring season had just started at that time and for a nature lover like me a plenty to enjoy. Different and fantastic Flora and Fauna and we just can’t imagine the creative power of the Almighty. Some trees are just looking like barren trees when I reached and after 10 days time small buds started and the tree was full of flowers (white / pinkish etc) without any leaves and the flowers lasted for about 10 days then started green leaves and after another 20 days or so small Cherries. This was a Cherry Blossom Tree (Sakura they call in Japan). One of the oldest and biggest Cherry Blossom Tree is in Tokyo and when it is season we can see the Tree fully white with only flowers and no leaves. Really mind boggling to see the nature’s beauty. Many verities of Hibiscus, Lilly, Rose (many colors), Kaner (White & Red) etc.

With out UNDERSTANDING THIS now a days we feel ourselves great for what ever we are doing as a great achievement with out really knowing that all these things have been made inbuilt by the Almighty in one specie or other and we are just been able to recognize His greatness only may be a fraction of 100000. I always tell Anand and also my juniors who join as trainees to just observe the surroundings around you and will get to know many things and treat fellow beings as living beings. I think I must have been little Philosophical isn’t it?

This time I was all the while worrying as how I can miss the Gnaesh Chaturdhi and “Sahasravartana.” And I was silently praying to both Ganeshji as well as Gajanan Maharaj that at least I must have Ganeshji’s darshan on Ganesh Chaturdhi day any where in Japan. I don’t know why but this year I decided that I will do the “Pothi - Parayana” on Ganesh Chaturdhi day instead of Rishi Panchami day. May be because the Great Gajanan Maharaj must have heard and understood my prayer and prompted me to take this decision. Now, just 3/4 days before Ganesh Chaturdhi, I received an e-mail from one of my colleagues that Tokyo Sri Satya Sai centre is celebrating the Ganesh Chaturdhi festival from 15th to 25th. There was name and telephone numbers of 2 of the main organizers in that mail. Now see what a great coincidence. The first name was Sri Gajanan Kakade working with Bank Of India in Tokyo and the second was Mr.Hira. I decided that I will talk to Sri Gajanan Kakade and enquire if at all I want to contribute how and where I can do that. But when I called up the mobile number, it was his wife who took the phone and when asked for Sri Gajanan she said that he will come in 1/2 hr time and enquired about my purpose of calling. I sincerely said about my desire of the contribution for the Ganesh Chaturdhi celebrations. She also enquired whether I was a maharastrian. I said now but can understand marathi well and can speak little bit as my wife is a maharastrian. I also told her that I am a great believer of Lord Sri Ganeshji and Sri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon, and also I said that I read one chapter daily from Maharaj’s pothi and ‘am planned to do the “Parayana” on Ganesh Chaturdhi day. The same I said will take minimum of 4 1/2 hr and even if I finish this by 11 am

along with my other rituals, I can reach Sri Satya Sai centre may be by 1 pm by which time the pooja would be over. Then she said I can have darshan in their house on Rishi Panchami day and they will be doing the “ Sahasra Avartana” on that day. Then I told her that we in baroda have been doing this on Rishi Panchami day for the last 4 years and it will be done this year also though am not there and my son will sit and do it. Then she said Sri Gajanan Kakade will call me once he comes back home. Believe me when Mr Kakade called me after 2 days and invited me to attend the “Sahasra Avartana” at his house due to the grace and blessings of Lord Sri Ganeshji and Sri Gajanan Maharaj. He had then sent me an e-mail with his residential address and the area map to reach his house. I once again thanked my beloved Gods Sri Ganeshji and Sri Gajanan Maharaj for their kind blessings and grace.

When all this was going on suddenly on 13th of Sept my project coordinator called me and requested that I should take an early home leave to start from Japan on 17th of Sept and come back to Japan on 8th of October. I said Ok and came back to my seat and prayed to Ganeshji and Gajanan maharaj that my journey should be either on 18th or 19th but not on 17th or before that as I never wanted to miss the “Sahasra Avartana”. See the miracle, there was no flight to India of Air India on 17th & 18th, then they tried for 16th
and the flight was over booked. Hence again my beloved Gods Sri Ganeshji and Gajanan Maharaj saved me.

With Gods blessings I could do 21 times “Avartana” , “Pothi Parayana” then Sri Ganeshji’s pooja on Ganesh Chaturdhi day i.e. 15th Sept and then after “Naivedyam” and taking the Prasad I went and had Maha Ganapati darshan at another place where some of our office Maharastrian’s celebrated the Ganesh Pooja and also had the “Modak” Prasad. In the evening on that again after doing Agarbatti I prepared Laddus with Ravva, desiccated coconut, sugar and milk and believe me exactly “21 Laddus could be made”. I took them next day to Sri Kakade’s house when I went there to attend the “Sahasra Avartana” as Prasad. There were about 45 – 50 people including ladies and children, mostly maharastrians, a few south Indians and 2 Japanese. 25 persons took part in the recitation of “Ganesh Avartana” and did it in chorus for 40 times. In the last the Japanese recited the “Atharvasirsh” with clear pronunciation. After that few Tamilians recited the “ Vishnu Sahasra Namam” followed by Arati and Maha Prasad. The Prasad of Laddu also every body liked and I said that “As it was meant for Prasad of Sri Ganeshji” that it became good otherwise I really ‘am not a great cook. All the time I was thanking my beloved Gods Sri Ganeshji and Sri Gajanan Maharaj for their kind grace. When I reached home and called up home in India “Ram Prakashkar” and his team of other Brahmins have already finished the “Avartana” at our home and were ready to take Maha Prasad, but when I said that I wanted to hear the recitation from “Ram” he immediately said “Abhi Sunadenge” and all of them recited the Atharvasirsh and I heard over the phone sitting in Japan due to the blessings of Great Sri Ganeshji and Sri Gajanan Maharaj. When I reached India Sri Ganeshji was still there and I could do the pooja for 2 days before we immersed the Idol of Sri Ganeshji on 7th day in the evening. This was the first time I ever went for the immersion of Sri Ganeshji.

The grace of Sri Ganeshji and Gajanan Maharaj is unending and unimaginable which Iam writing now. After reaching Japan for one month we are 3 Indians staying together in one apartment. They both take non-veg but I don’t take even egg. So when ever they make non-veg for them I have to prepare vegetarian food for me. After one month we got separate apartments and we shifted on 27th April. While coming to Japan I carried “The Gita” besides Sri Gajanan Maharaj’s Pothi, the shorter version of 21 chapters of Pothi in English and another book in Telugu having various “slokas” and “Prardhanas” on Shiva, Vishnu, Sri Ram, Venkateswar, Ganeshji, Datta, Sai and Hanumanji with me and in the evening after dinner I used to read them along with “Gita” also as I don’t want to waste time in any other TV etc. When me and Vimal visited Shegaon during March this year before I was to Start to Japan I infact tried for “Pothi” in English , Gujarati and Telugu. We went round the shops in Shegaon but we could not get the same. Not even in Sansthan’s book stores. But only after constantly praying to Sri Gajanan maharaj that from the same Sansthan stores I got a copy each in Gujarati and English but not Telugu. Telugu copy I wanted so that mother also can read and experience the Greatness of Maharaj as what all can realize if one surrenders and keeps full faith in Him. At that moment Gajanan maharaj did brought to my mind, whether I can do that. But since it is
a big volume and never had taken up such task I just avoided that idea coming to my mind.

After hesitating for quite some period whether to venture or not to venture to take up doing this “YAGNYA” OF TRANSLATION OF “GAJANA VIJAY GRANTH”. It was 21st May Monday night and 2 am that Sri Gajanan Maharaj woke me up and prompted me to start translating His English version of Pothi” to “Telugu”. I started doing that with all right earnest in a rough writing pad. First I wanted to do it this way as there will be many corrections etc and then make a Fair copy. I had only one small pad, so I thought I get required papers from office. But Maharaj cautioned me not to do that so I calculated and purchased 2 big pads of 60 pages each. I don’t know why but I purchased few pens while I was coming to Japan, in black and blue ink and also few refills of blue ink and I started writing with one blue ink pen. May be Maharaj must be having the idea that He will make me take up this job of translation work and prompted me to purchase the pens in advance. I informed this only to Vimal in the beginning and latter on to another devotee of Sri Maharaj, byname Sri Ganesh Sovani (A Mumbai High Court Advocate) who has become my friend via e-mail after he got my name from the devotee’s club where I registered my name. From may 21st onwards for 2 months He used to wake me up between 2 – 3 am without any alarm and made me sit for about 1 hr for doing this work and on Saturdays and Sundays for about 5 – 6 hr in a day in total. Thus making the rough script completed in about 2 months time, on July 22nd which was a Sunday. When I was worried for how I can get a Dictionary from English to Telugu to know the correct meaning for lot of English words to which I was not sure, He only guided me to find out from internet the much needed “Dictionary” “From English – Telugu”.. Chapter wise I used to note down the words in a small pad for which I would like to know the meaning and carry to the office and during lunch time I used to find out from the

dictionary the exact meaning and Iam admitting that it is only because of His grace that I could do it.

Then I prayed to Him that I will start the doing of Fairing of this after 3 days i.e. from “Ashadi Ekadashi” the 26th of July and also coinciding with Thursday. And also requested Him to allow me to write in the night may be up to 10.30 pm, but not to wake me up in the wee hours of 2 – 3. Also I was praying to Him that He should make me complete this Fairing before the Ganesh Chaturdhi day i.e. 15th September and I should keep this in Pooja on that day when I will be doing the 21 times “Avartana” , “Parayana” and Sri Ganesh Poojan. As is so great that He made me start on 26th and made me complete this in exactly one month’s time i.e. on 26th of August. This work in total including the Photos of each chapter of Pothi could be completed on 14th of September and thus He granted me to keep it in the pooja on Ganesh Chaturdhi day as desired.

The “Yagnya” is not yet over. I was also praying throughout this journey that since it was prompted by Him to do this for my mother He should allow me to bring this work to Shegaon along with my mother, Vimal, Aanad and Mrs & Mr Limkar, keep this at His feet and then give to mother for reading. I was praying Him to arrange the Shegaon visit some where after “Dipawali” festival (because I was supposed to get home leave after 8 months for 20 days) so that that Anand will not be disturbed from his studies (as he is in 10th Std) and Mrs & Mr Limkar will not be affected in their business as till “Dipavali” festival they will be busy with their business which fetches them bulk income for the whole of the year. And unbelievable He arranged my trip without disturbing any bodies work. When I called up Vimal on 13th and told her that Iam coming to India on 20th morning which would be Thursday and asked her to book tickets to go to Shegaon may be on Saturday (after Sri Ganeshji’s immersion on Friday) and return tickets on Monday so that Anand also will not loose much school. And also told her even if it is wait listed book the tickets and Sri Gajanan Maharaj will set the things right and the tickets will be confirmed. She accordingly booked the tickets and got confirmed tickets for going to Shegaon and wait listed tickets for return journey which also were confirmed when I enquired after we had the Darshan and Prasad of Sri Gajanan Maharaj. One may get a doubt that why Mrs & Mr Limkar with our family. Its because I was praying Sri Maharaj that we all six should have darshan together and also Sri Maharaj should accept my small humble offering (Rs.10000/-) towards “Annadana” and allow my mother, Anand and Mrs & Mr Limkar to serve to a few devotees the Sweet Dish generally being served at the time of Maha Prasad with their own hands and thereby getting the “Punya” of doing “Annadanam” at a Holy place like Shegaon. This was my strong desire and I was insisting by praying to Sri Maharaj to fulfill my this wish.

We started for Shegaon on Saturday and after we settled down in our seats we all started our regular rituals of reading pothi etc. I told Mrs Limkar that next day will be “Ekadashi” and you must take Maharaj’s Prasad in the morning without saying fast or any thing. Then Vimal got an idea that she would read the pothi fully in 3 days i.e.

Dasami, Ekadasi and Dwadasi. She started the pothi and Mrs. Limkar followed her and surprisingly Limkar’s husband too did the shorter version of “Marathi Pothi” like that. I and Anand have planned to do the “Parayana” on “Ekadashi” in the temple “Parayana” hall taking the darshan early in the morning. We reached Shegaon by 7.30 pm without any delay and straight went to the hotel checked in our baggage, washed ourselves and then went to the Mandir for Maharaj’s darshan. I took the important “Translated Pothi” carefully held it in my hands and some flowers with me and as there was no much rush we immediately entered the Mandir. Now the arrangement is very good as one can start having darshan of Maharaj right from a distance. Just by my side was a young girl eagerly looking at this book but was calm. When our turn came I gave that “Pothi” to the poojari got it placed near Maharaj thus got the blessings from Him we came out to take the darshan of Sri Ram and after that I stood with the “Pothi” in the space between Sri Ram Mandir and Hanumanji. The girl who was observing this finally asked about that book which I told her that it’s a Telugu Translation of Maharaj’s Pothi from English for my mother.

We all came out and after we got the money rendered for “Annadanam” & Abhishekas for the next day that I gave the Translated Pothi to mother saying that “This is the Gift I brought for You from Japan” which Sri Maharaj made me to do it for you and both me and Vimal touched her feet. Then blessing us she said “What more do I need?” When I was giving it to her one gentleman was standing behind us who happened to be from Andhra Pradesh but working in Nagpur enquired about the same and has asked whether I have any plans to get it printed. I said that at present no idea. I asked mother to Read the “21st Chapter” next day in the Mandir “Parayana” hall as it contains the essence of all the Chapters and then start reading one chapter daily from Friday so that she will also be in line with me, Vimal and Anand and can finish the 21st Chapter on Thursday.

We all had Sri Maharaj’s Darshan on Sunday morning at 5.45 am and then me and Anand sat down for doing “Pothi Parayana”, others for their respective readings. By about 10.15 we all finished with our “Parayana” then me, Vimal and Anand had Mandir Pradaikshna for 21 times and then listened to the afternoon Aarati. After that Mandir office person ( Swayam Sewak) took us to the “Maha Prasad Hall” where as per my wish first Amma, Anand, Mrs & Mr. Limkar served to some devotees the sweet dish ( Sweet Moria) as it was Ekadasi then even me & Vimal served the same to a few devotees. Then that Mandir person took us to the dinning hall where generally Mandir Swayam Sewaks take their meals and served us the Maha Prasad which was “Sabu dana Kichadi and Sweet Moria” as it was “Ekadasi” thus “THE GREAT GAJANAN MAHARAJ FULFILLED ALL MY WISHES AND I CAN ONLY SINCERELY BOW MY HEAD AT HIS FEET AND BEG FOR SUCH PERPETUAL BLESSINGS AND GRACE ALWAYS ON OUR ENTIRE FAMILY”.