Monday, October 26, 2009

My own experience.......(Self-copyrighted)

Me and my pious aunty decided to visit shegaon on 14th of this month so we planned for a train, but could not get any booking even in TATKAL quota hence opted for a bus and the thing which amazed me was all the buses were full there were no tickets available i was disappointed and the thing was we had booked tickets of return before by maharashtra express which leaves shegaon at 4:40 thats why i had to go.... I said to myself why is maharaj bringing so many obstacles?? and within half an hour my maushi called me and said that Prassana Travels has arranged for an extra bus to akola which will be going through shegaon..... . you could imagine what i felt at that we booked two tickets it wasn't a sleeper bus but a push back chair type of a bus the timing of the bus was 7:30 the bus came at 8:30 i was so worried each time i go to shegaon i take with me flowers for maharaj's samadhi and before 7 you have to give it to them ..... and it was impossible to reach shegaon before 7 if we leave Pune at 9 we both were praying in the bus for it reaching shegaon before 7 atleast because we would miss the abhishek as well...
The bus was stopping for seats as it was an extra bus left the border of pune at 10 we were hungry by that time and ate the tiffin of a (chapati and dahibhat with potato bhaji) traditional food when we travel.
Again the bus stopped at 12 at Ahmednagar for Dinner, we had brought food with us but others mostly students going home for diwali were hungry since 9 and ate some spicy food at the dhaba....... .
Cutting the long story short we reached Khamgaon by 8:30 and the driver stopped there and the conducted cleaner to be specific said this bus doesn't go to Shegaon The driver was so slow and he was an idiot he too said the same thing my aunt and me were so damn angry first the bus was so late and the other thing was this rot..... we fought so much then he agreed to take the bus to shegaon students seeing us fight, a police inspector all were passive which i feel was ok then a boy probably 25 years of age said that they do it always if there was a tame passenger instead of you he could have got down at khamgaon 16kms from shegaon.
After reaching shegaon at 9:30 we rushed for the bhakta nivas and then the mandir cursing all the way the travel company and the driver the experience in the mandir was awesome maharaj was wearing a white Pheta and he was covered with white flowers probably because being a Thursday.... . all went good after that we bought kachories after completing the formalities at the temple and then caught the 4:40 train and reached pune in a luxurious ac A1 compartment and the real experience is this after we reached pune at 4 in the morning we went to my aunt's place i slept there till 10 and then being diwali we went on my scooter which was kept at her place for bringing chakli etc .... when she went in the shop for buying all this A lady came to me a typical 9 meter saree with a very fair face with haldi kunku on forehead and a stick in the left hand and said " Kay re alas ka shegaon chi vari karun??" I fell of my seat when she said that she asked for some money and i gave her 10 rupees which was just in my pocket i didnt bow down or anything before my aunt came she left........ ... and we didnt see her within 10 minutes i did search for her but couldnt see her......... ..


  1. Jay Gajanan , it was awesome experience, this is swa-anubhav what is written in the pothi, i had been to shegaon two days back.
    sanjog Rathi Gulbarga


  3. jay gajanan .. ur experience was awesome

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