Friday, February 19, 2016

Anonymous submission- (Experience)

I am not very spiritual person, but my parents are true devotees of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. As a kid my father always told me to pray daily, he used to say we learnt it hard way. My motto was simple.... When everything else fails, pray! On need basis!! And surprisingly I always got the results when I prayed to Gajanan Maharaj. I always feel so connected to Maharaj, I talk to him.... one way communication, but I feel light. I feel protected and I know he is always there to look after me and my family. I have numerous experiences to share, but this one has changed my life and took my faith to a different level. I have PCOS, a condition where conceiving is difficult and even if you conceive, natural abortions are common. I also had an abortion and that was devastating. I was not prepared for more such incidences. I prayed to Maharaj. It was just a prayer from heart, no fasting, no reading holy books or any chanting. Just the truest prayer and I got pregnant, without any treatment. In the 5th month I suddenly started feeling breathless because of uncontrollable coughing. We were settled in Kerala then. I went to see the doctor, unfortunately it was a Sunday and no senior doctors were available. Just in few hours my condition started deteriorating. Late in the evening the treatment started and I was diagnosed with bronchitis, swine flu (104 degree fever) and SVT (increased pulse rate above 300 per min) I was shifted to a bigger hospital. They rejected the admission saying patient is critical only Govt hospital will admit her. My husband and mother in law were already crying. As hospitals can't deny admission, they finally started the treatment. I was unconscious then, but when I came back to my senses, I was at peace. I knew nothing will happen to my baby or me. I came back to Pune. My family has lots of doctors here and they are at very good position. In Pune also I was hospitalized because of SVT and doctor's started medicines to keep the pulse rate on lower side. The known side effect of the tablet if taken in pregnancy was "Baby might be mentally retarded, or some of her organ may not develop fully" Doctor's insisted on doing early C-section and I denied it. I said I will take take my chances. I am sure she will safe in my womb. I was on bed rest because of other complications since 7th month. The doctors declared it’s a precious pregnancy, we have never seen such a case in our career. I don't know what gave me the strength! All this time I was only eagerly waiting for my daughter to arrive. I kept making her lots of promises in the womb. Finally the day arrived. On 27th Dec 2010 we were blessed with a healthy baby girl. It was a normal delivery performed under epidural anaesthesia. She is 5 years old now. Exactly how I had imagined her to be. It was a miracle. Now when I look back and think about it, I get scared. I am not at all a strong person to get through such a situation. Gajanan Maharaj is the only God for me. He gave me the strength and saved our lives. Koti Koti Pranam _/\_


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