Friday, July 31, 2009

Maharaj On Internet By RAM

Jai Gajanan!!
I have collected the maximum available resources of Maharaj on internet..
Here is the list (links) of the sites + blogs + articles + songs + gajanan vijay on Gajanan Maharaj, all in 1…
You can not browse all in a single day, so read and listen at your leisure time….

Websites on Maharaj:
http://www.gajananm index.htm - Official website of the temple trust (The site loads very slow and doesn't load at times and not updated from a long time - The site should be redesigned)
http://www.gajanan- - A site on Maharaj, few pages in marathi has the font problem, site can be tweaked for some pages, overall a good site..
http://www.gajanank - Website of the kanhor temple, design is good but content is too less, because it is only for the kanhor temple.
http://gajananmahar ajindore. com/ - Website of indore madhya pradesh temple (The site is poorly maintained)
http://www.dattatre tag/shri- sant-gajanan- maharaj/ - some good information + a nice aatri video here (browse this site for other datta gurus as well)
http://shrigajananm - Very poorly maintained site.
http://www.gajanan- maharaj. com/ - Again a very poorly maintained site
http://shri. 2008/09/05/ biography- of-swami- ji/page1/ - This page is about swami Narendra maharaj who was a devotee of Gajanan Maharaj

Blogs on Maharaj:
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Gajanan_Maharaj - Official information of Maharaj to the world
http://4shailesh. blogspot. com/2009/ 02/gajanan- maharaj-shegaon. html - A blog by shailesh Joshi
http://shreegajanan maharaj.blogspot .com/ - A blog by Pranaav Jadhav our group member..
http://www.travbudd blogs/279/ Shegaon-India- 1 - one person who had travelled to shegaon in 2005, a good read on sansthan and anand-sagar.
http://www.shreeswa gajanan-maharaj- of-shegaon. htm - Some good information Here
http://www.networkc omputing. in/Show-case- 001Nov008. aspx - some good information about the sansthan
http://www.jyotisha 19101.html? *session* id*key*=* session*id* val* - some good information
http://archives. amritapuri. org/amma/ 2006/602shegoan. php - this is about mata amritnandmayi' s visit to shegaon

Listen Online Songs :(Few of you might have the below audio casettes but can be useful for many people who listen online, like me.. ) 8ye7oi50i3 - Gajanan Vijay all 21 Adhyay's. gajanan-watwe/ songs-music - Bavanni is the 5th Song
http://www.4shared. com/file/ 68198288/ 62048afa/ 18_AARTI_ GAJANAN_MAHARAJ. html - Aarti
http://www.raaga. com/play/ ?id=120112 - Listen online by Ajit kadkade
http://www.wayango. com/sanjeev- abhyankar- sadhana-gajanan- maharaj-% C2%96-shegaav- album/ - Listen online the album called "sadhna" by Sanjeev Abhyankar
http://www.raaga. com/channels/ marathi/moviedet ail.asp?mid= MAD000072 - Gajanan Mantra by suresh wadkar
http://www.dhingana .com/smartlist/ gajanan-maharaj/ 104749 - A big list of songs on maharaj
http://www.mypopkor gana-gana- ganat-bote- marathi-movie- shegaavche- sant-gajanan- maharaj.html - a small movie clip from the movie Shegaavche Sant Gajanan Maharaj
http://www.raaga. com/channels/ marathi/moviedet ail.asp?mid= MAD000084 - songs by ajit kadkade
http://www.esnips. com/doc/4055d6f7 -2536-4468- 9947-6a06a22ca2e a/Gajanan- Maharaj-Aarti - aarti

Photos : com/photos/ mskadu/8696299/ - Entrance photo - (I feel like I am entering the temple after seeing this photo)
http://www.hinduped Shri_Gajanan_ Maharaj_of_ Shegaon - A good photo Here com/photos/ mskadu/sets/ 215818/detail/ - some temple photos on flickr

Jai Gajanan-Sri Gajanan!!!


  1. Hi Pranaav,
    First thanks a ton for this wonderfull collections on Maharaj. Just wanted to update u that the CORRECT link to listen to Gajanan Vijay all 21 Adhyay's is
    I have just removed the extra spaces from there site address what u have posted.
    Also please update the too.

    Thanks again!!!!

  2. Ram/All,

    We have updated the website for Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sevashram Indore at
    The content updation is still in progress and we aim to provide regular updates to the site.

    We would request you to kindly visit the site and give us your feedback on the site

    Please do share your contact details if you would like us to stay in touch with you on activities related to Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sevashram Indore or updates to the site.

    Yours sincerely,