Sunday, September 6, 2009

Experience by Mrs.Anuradha Kadam

I visited Shegaon for the first time in 1975 not with any religious
motive but because my other frriends from my vicinity were visiting
the place. At that point of time, I had no devotion towards Shri
Gajanan Maharaj. After finishing the darshan of the Samadhi, I
purchased a cassette, by paying Rs.25/- for some devotional songs.
Later, I came across the same cassette being sold by another shop
keeper for Rs.10/-. I, out of anger & frustration, commented to my
other colleagues "In this Sansthan you get cheated".

Later, we went to the Rly. Station to buy a ticket for the return
journey. I enquired as to what the fare was & paid the counter clerk
more than the fare, since I did not have appropriate/exact change.
He returned me the balance amount, which I took without counting and
boarded the train. After having boarded the train, I verified the
ticket & the money returned & to my utter disbelief & surprise, I had
received Rs.15/- more than what I should have received from the
clerk. That night, I had a dream in which Shri Maharaj appeared &
said "Did you get back your Rs.15/-, which you had paid extra for the
cassette !?!" Since then I have been an ardent devotee of Shri


  1. Its absolutely true..He is watching all and giving good exp to all of us.Jay Gajanan!!

  2. my wife lives for maharaj and reads pothi every day...
    i robbed 500 Rs. out of my wifes purse.....
    it was the money i thechnically it is not robbing.
    but she had warned me... if you take money tell me..
    robbing is the act of taking without telling
    so i robbed...
    i got punished....
    some one robbed 2500 Rs. from her
    which she had earned

    if you are matured, you would understand maharaj's message to me!

    sorry maharaj
    shall never do such a mistake again