Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Experience

Jai Gajanan!!

How the Saints safeguard His devotees and fulfill our good intentions, just read my below experience: It happened to my wife's 3rd sister who is also a great devotee Sri Gajanan Maharaj:

It was in the year 2006: Four of us I, my wife, my wife's sister and her husband went to Shegaon in early March 2006 to fulfill one of our "Owes" as their daughter got married with Sri Maharaj's blessings. After that in the later part of the month at about 11am or so, my wife's sister while going to attend to her office on a scooty, rammed in to a Military Vehicle from behind. She was not wearing safety helmet, and as a result she had multiple fractures to her face, but not even a single scratch any where else to her body or to the scooty she was driving. When I went to see her in the ICU, I felt and said to myself that, it was Sri Maharaj who saved her life. Her face was totally covered with bandage except for a pipe for artificial ventilation. She was operated up-on 2 days later which took about 5 hrs. and she could be discharged after almost a month. Even now her voice is not as clear as it was earlier. But with His grace she recovered and latter again attended to office for about 2 years and then retired.

In this connection how Sri Maharaj had given me an opportunity to do "His Seva" please read:

As the scriptures say "Manav Seva is Madhav Seva". When she was to be operated, the doctors wanted blood from close relatives (as now a days the doctors want to be surer that no complications post operation like hepatitis, AIDS etc) and her blood group was B +ve. Many of our relatives were present there before I went to the hospital in the evening, and when I understood the requirement I just walked to the blood bank which is very much in that hospital itself and offered them to take my blood which is of same group. Immediately the nurse on duty took my confirmation that I had not donated blood within last 3 months, tested my blood and confirmed that the blood group was correct, no other above said diseases and started taking the blood, all this was just less than 1/2 hr. All my other relatives who were so far seeing this were puzzled and for them it was a like a dream, as they were sure that I will not stand even a simplest of chance to donate as I look very thin and fragile. None of their requests for donation of blood were accepted by the same blood bank till my offer, on some pretext or other. A younger relative of ours even asked that nurse on duty, as what made her to accept blood from me who looks most fragile among the present lot. Her answer was that the spirit and the confidence on my face and words have made her accept my offer without any hesitation and further checks.

A few days later when I was on an annual Company medical check-up I was found to be underweight (which I too knew very well) and the Doctor was puzzled as how the blood bank has taken blood of a person who is underweight, which is against medical regulations.

Then I realized that when your intentions are honest "The God within You" will take care of all other rules and regulations which are framed and maintained by some one else.

So if we have good intentions let us not think too much and go ahead with it and God will complete the rest, though the task may look impossible in the first place.

Jai Gajanan!!


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