Friday, July 31, 2009


Dear Sri Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Parivar

Jai Gajanan!!

We all accept the fact our beloved Sadguru Sri Gajanan Maharaj's love and affection towards is His devotees is unlimited and unfathomable. In this regard I share my experience with this group.

It was Feb 23rd 2007, and there was a marriage function in our house scheduled for 24th Feb 2007 hosted by me and I was to do the "Kanyadanam" .(How Sri Maharaj brought to my mind this "Kanyadanam" idea, I will share some time)

I had a strong desire and was praying Sri Maharaj that I should have His darshan in our Baroda Mandir before and after this Project - Marriage. I was a bit restless as I was the host and how I will make it. But at about 6.30 pm on 23rd Feb '07, I told the guests to 'pardon me' as I would be out from the house for about 1.5 hrs. And when I reached the Mandir and took darshan then the devotee (A pious lady) who was / is managing the affairs of the Mandir told that "It was Sri Maharaj's - Janmadin" and that's why He created such a strong desire in you to take His darshan, and brought you to the Mandir in spite of your other commitments. I just could not stop my "Ananda Bhashpalu - i.e. tears in the eyes due to happiness".

To the utmost satisfaction of the both the parties, the marriage was successfully completed with His grace on 24th Feb '07 and He blessed me with the opportunity to do the "Kanyadanam" as otherwise I have no daughter of my own.

Now as per my wish I must take His darshan the next day i.e. 25th Feb '07. My younger sister from Andhra Pradesh also attended this marriage as the "bride" was better known to her than me. As per the tradition on the next day of marriage there was Sri Satyanarayana Pooja" followed by lunch at the bridegroom's house and we all were supposed to attend that. It was 9am and since the Pooja was over and we took the "Prasad", as some leisure time was there, "I said to my sister let us go Sri Gajanan Mandir", so that she also can have His darshan. We were about 4/5 persons who went to the Mandir and to my utter surprise and disappointment we found the Mandir was locked, and we all had to return without His darshan. I don't know about the others state of my mind but from that moment onwards my mind was there at the Mandir though physically I was present back in the group and doing the formalities most mechanically. Even after coming back home I tried to contact on phone and check whether the Mandir was opened or not. 3 or 4 times there were no reply for my calls and I kept on trying. At last at about 7pm I could connect and the same lady took the phone and I could clearly hear the "Evening Arati" for Sri Maharaj was going on. When I said I wanted to come to the Mandir, she said come immediately as other wise it will get closed as it was not a Thursday. I just jumped out of the chair, informed my wife that I was going to the Mandir, engaged an auto to and fro, reached the temple and when I went up the lady was alone and just waiting for me only. After I had the darshan of Sri Maharaj I told her about what all happened since morning then she said that she was attending to her daughter who gave birth to a baby girl on that day hence the Mandir was closed during day time and also it was because of Sri Maharaj's blessings that I was able to take His darshan at that time, as if my call would have been late by a couple of minutes she would have closed the Mandir for the day.

I really felt OBLIGED for the affection Sri Maharaj showered on this meek creature.

Jai Gajanan!!


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