Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Experience No.2

Hello friends,
I am Parag(Manav is my nick name) and I am disable person and wants to share my experiences with you about our Maharaj
It was the year 1992. I was gone to Jabalpur to attend the marriage. There I fall down on the road and I had shot on lower lumber. That time I just took some pain killer and keep me moving but when I came back after 4 days I suddenly got high fever about 3digree and it was continue for more than 45day. Medication was on in that period. In that period I loosed my weight from 85kg to 36 kg and was so anemic, my hemoglobin was down to 6 and I was hardly able to move. And due injury in lower lumber my both legs got paralyzed and I was in that condition for almost 4 months
One fine day one of our family friend (Mr. Kulkarni) came to see me and suggested me to surrender myself to Gajanan maharaj. I asked them, how?
They told me read "Gajanan Vijay"
I said myself let's give a try and after two day it I started my first Parayan on dashmi
And on third day after finished parayan I was taking the lunch, one bhikshuk came. He didn't have any bag in his hand or on the shoulder to gather anything, nothing was there with him. He didn't demand any money, food, cloths nothing. He directly entered in to the home and stands right in front of me. He saw in my eyes then he went to kitchen then he went to bedroom and again came back to me and said to me "No need to worry, everything will be alright"
And he left home.
Those two minutes I and my mother could not spoke a single word with that bhikshuk. But after that day I start feeling I am recovering and friends within three months I could able to walk with the help clutches
For me it was a miracle.
I have got few more experiences and I will share with you friends one after one.

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