Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Experience No.3

My grandfather took my mother at maharaj's mandir in 1977 way back before I was born so I am aquainted with maharaj for a long time now since my birth 1991....
so as time passes We get a lot of experiences and maharaj shows his existence and his love for us so seeing your faith, love and serenity for mahraj I thought of sharing more of my experiences which will increase your faith in maharaj..... .
the last story was of my uncle but this is my own....

It was november and it was festival time and we had just finished the three important days of diwali so we decided to visit shegaon as it had been a 8 to 10 months since we visited last.
We own a maruti zen but my dad said in no time we have decided to go so let's rent a car and go safely as I can rest so we booked a tata sumo and a known driver named bassapa who drove the car.
Shegaon is 500kms from Pune and takes about 10 to 12 hours!
travelling in a tata sumo we decided to take my two cousin sisters who are 20-25 years of age my mom's maushi with us as there is a lot of place in this big car .
we started at 3'o clock in the afternoon we stopped at ranjangaon temple of asthavinayak ganpati and took tea there it was dusk by that time and night was falling by the time we reached aurangabad it was 10:30 and shegaon is 6 hours from auragabad we stopped there for dinner we asked the driver whether we should halt at aurangabad or continue our journey towards shegaon....
He said no problem I can drive till hydrabad we said ok no problem lets continue but he was eating so much for dinner and my father is an expert in driving he asked him bassappa how come you eat so much if you have to drive because after eating you'll feel sleepy he denied that too.
Then at 2 we reached jalna he said he was feeling sleepy we stopped there for 15 mins and again he said I'll drive then I dont know the place exactly but 25 kms before chikhli he denied driving further he said I cant drive any longer let's stay here we had two young girls with us there was nothing open in that place except a pan shop it was 2:30.
My father took the charge of driving as told earlier he drove zen, tata sumo in the middle of the night was a new experience for him but he drove then 30kms before shegaon the driver woke up and we reached shegaon safely!!

Some might think what's there in it? but friends jalna to shegaon is a very dark road and we had my two sisters in the car my dad never drove any vehicle other than zen how he drove? how we reached?
its the faith you must have in maharaj and he'll reveal himself in any form for you to know his existence !!

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